FAQs for Romania Travel

  • FAQs for Romania Travel

The actual fact is you can find all the general information you need to travel to Romania on a different websites, including what to do, when to go, where to stay and much more!

We want to share with you the specific information – local travel tips - about our day and multi day tours.

Is Romania a safe destination?

Romania has one of the lowest crime rates in the world and compared to the US and other countries of Europe, is considered a very safe destination. Romanian people are known for their hospitality and they will make you feel very welcome.

How to get to Romania?

The principal ways to Romania are by train, by car and by air. Flights are run all year around by National carrier Tarom and by foreign airlines.

Best time to travel

Cultural tours: all year around

Adventure tours: May – October / January - March

How many people will be with me on the tour?

Typically in our small group day or multi day tours you will be sharing your experiences with maximum 8 travelers and the guide will lead the group. While itineraries are prearranged there is some flexibility and you'll have plenty of privacy. Trips are suitable to travelers of all ages who enjoy meeting new people as well as seeing new places.

In general all the adventure day or multi day tours (trekking, hiking, biking) are private - we are not mixing people - so the flexibility and privacy of the itineraries are one of the main strong points.

Will I able to speak with people in English?

The official and spoken language of the country is Romanian. People have English, French or German as their second language as they were taught these at school. Anyhow, an increasing number of people are speaking English.

It is appreciated by locals if travelers learn some basic Romanian before their trip. A few words are surprisingly easy to master and will help in communicating with local people.

I am on special diet. Is it hard for me when I travel around Romania?

Are you worrying about your diet and thinking and keeping it in Romania is difficult? But it is not that difficult. Please let us know in advance what you do and don’t eat. As veganism grows in popularity, vegan and vegetarian restaurants are popping up around our most important cities. You may find plenty of selection of restaurants and other many no-vegan restaurants can serve you what you request, also. Even some of local guesthouses from villages arrange your meals as you request to us.

What transportation options are available on our tours?

Cars, 7/8/19+1 seats minibuses.

How much do I tip? About tipping etiquette.

Though by definition a tip is never legally required, it is recommended when you are on tour. This is not spoiling the market or ruining hospitality, it is simply being fair. Tips vary depending on the length and complexity of the trip, the number of staff on the trip and the number of clients on the trip. Generally groups like to meet together before the end of the tour to discuss how much they would like to tip each staff member based on their individual experience. Tipping in hotels and restaurants is up to you, but 10% never goes wrong here.

Tips about our day and multi day trips

All year round - try to avoid week-ends for the following trips:

Day tours:

Bran Castle and Rasnov Fortress Tour
Bran Castle, Rasnov Fortress and Peles Castle
Peles and Cantacuzino Castles Small Group Day Tour from Brasov

During high season - July – August - try to avoid week-ends for the following trips:

Day tours:

The Epic 7 Ladders Canyon
Transfagarasan road and Poienari Fortress

2 – 4 day hiking tours:
Trekking tour in Bucegi Mountains - from Sinaia to Bran
Explore the magnificent Carpathian mountains range
Adventure and Culture Hike in Brasov County
Eco-certified programs