Equipment - necessary and recommended items for cycling

  • Equipment - necessary and recommended items for cycling

Here is the list with necessary things we recommend for cycling:


• Bike shoes
• Light casual shoes (trainers/tennis shoes) for camping and/or for traveling
• Good quality padded cycling shorts (baggy style)
• Loose, casual trousers
• Several pairs of cycling socks (avoid nylon socks - they can cause blisters and do not breathe well)
• Waterproof trousers

• Fleece windstopper jacket
• Lightweight windproof biking jacket (breathable)
• A selection of T-shirts, sweatshirts and long sleeved shirts, preferably not cotton
• Warm shirt, possibly fleece and/or pullover
• Tracksuit
• Underwear
• Raincoat
• Swimwear
• Nightwear

• Cycling helmet
• Sunglasses with UV protection
• Hat or cap for sun protection
• Woolen hat
• Fleece headband

• Fingerless biking gloves
• Gloves/mittens (full fingered)

• Waterproof double-sided rear panniers, rucksack (60-80 l) & daypack (20-30 l)
• Toilet kit (towels, battery shaver, toilet paper; bar of soap or tube liquid soap; toothbrush and toothpaste; pre moistened wipes; feminine products; cosmetic items; dental floss etc.)
• Sunscreen lotion and lip balm
• Water bottle
• Utility knife
• Spare laces
• Pump and lock
• Front and rear lights
• Multifunctional device (mileage-meter, altimeter, clock, compass etc.)
• Lighter/box of matches
• Maps
• Small travel alarm clock
• Polyethylene bags (to protect delicate items from damp and dust)
• Earplugs (especially for the shared bedrooms in the huts)
• Tool kit to fix flats, broken chains, loose spokes, etc.; this should include at least: an extra tube or two, tire patch kits, a multi-tool (good ones have chain breaks allen keys, wrenches, etc.) and extra spokes
• Personal basic first aid kit to include essential items (swathe; blister kit; alcohol swabs or disinfectant; antibiotic cream; mild tranquilizer/muscle relaxant; ace bandage or something for knee support; insect repellent; Aspirin or Tylenol for headaches or other pain, antihistamine, throat lozenges, prescr112ion medicines etc.)


• Torch (head mounted preferable with extra batteries and bulb)
• Large scarf/bandana for neck
• Binocular
• Photo camera (digital preferably; several photo films if not)
• Sewing kit (needle, thread, pins, scissors, buttons, dental floss, safety pins etc.)
• Spare spectacles (or lens prescr112ion)
• Detergent
• Walkman
• Water purifying tablets
• Playing cards/miniature games (chess etc.)
• Reading/writing materials
• Field guides

When going mountain biking there are several additional things, which could be of great importance for the riding:

• Water - helps to keep you hydrated
• Food - an energy boost for the trail is also much needed
• Trail information - helps you to know where you are going without getting lost
• Extra clothing - a seasonal option
• Cell phone - to call for a rescue team in case of emergency or if any other information is very much needed

If you need equipment, we recommend: