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Private Expeditions in Transylvanian Alps

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Book with us a once in a lifetime experience! A hiking trip along the crest of the Fagaras Mountains is indeed beautiful, but difficult and challenging!

An epic journey awaits you: on the crest of the mountains there is a real necklace of Alpine lakes with clear water that captivate us with their serenity and pristine beauty, arranged symmetrically and alternately, now on the southern side now on the northern one, from which rise swifty mountain rivers; at every step on the heights of these mountains you come upon glacial scenery, narrow paths, amazing peaks, including "the roof" of Romania - Moldoveanu Peak!

They are very much like the Alps, which made the French geographer Emmanuel de Martonne call them "the Alps of Transylvania", a name that has stuck to them.

Important information:

You need to have a very good experience in hiking, especially in endurance.

We trek between 5 - 8 hours, most of the time up to 2000 m.

No need to buy water, we have springs with fresh water on the way.

The guide has a heater to cook the food.

You have to carry the tent, the food and the sleeping bag.

The route could be changed because of weather conditions.

Optimal period: July - October.

Compulsory equipment: waterproof hiking boots and clothes, sleeping bags, tent, warm clothes, hut, gloves, sun cream, sunglasses, walking poles! In case you do not have this equipment we can not do the hike!

More details about the compulsory equipment!


- 945 euro/person, 2 people in a tent

- 660 euro/person, 4 people in 2 tents (2 persons/tent)

The package includes:

  • transfers day 1 and day 6
  • licensed English speaking mountain guide
  • rent a tent

Not included: food, drinks, personal expenses

Fagaras Mountains Expedition - The main ridge from East to Vest

Day 1: Transfer Brasov - Sambata de Sus area (approx. 1 hour). On the way we make a stop to buy the food.
Complex Sambata (670 m) – Sambata Valley – Valea Sambetei Mountain Hut (1401 m) – Fereastra Mare a Sambetei (2188 m) – Fereastra Mica a Sambetei (2191 m) – approx. 6 hours. From the saddle Fereastra Mare a Sambetei we climb strongly to the west-south-west over the peak Slanina (2268 m), than we descend in Fereastra Mica a Sambetei, where we camp.

Day 2:
Fereastra Mica a Sambetei (2191 m) – Portita Vistei (2380 m) – Vistea Mare Peak (2527 m) – Moldoveanu Peak, the highest peak of Romanian Carpathian chain (2544 m) – Vistea Mare Peak (2527 m) – Podragu Saddle (2307 m) – Lake Iezerul Podul Giurgiului (2264 m) - approx. 7 hours. Camping.
From Portita Vistei we climb steadily on the peak Vistea Mare, the third highest peak in the Fagaras Mountains and in the Romanian Carpathians. From this peak, on the highest sharp edge in the country, we reach, in about 30 minutes, the Moldoveanu Peak, the highest peak in Romania!

Day 3:
Lake Iezerul Podul Giurgiului (2264 m) – Mircii Peak (2461 m) – Nerlinger Memorial (2287 m) – Fereastra Zmeilor – Fereastra Mica a Portitei Arpasului (2175 m) – Capra Saddle (2315m) – approx. 7 hours. Camping.
Nerlinger Memorial - dating from 1934; Richard Nerlinger and Herta Ruzicka died on 30 of June 1934.

Day 4:
Capra Saddle (2315 m) – Laitel Peak (2390 m) – Caltun Lake (2135 m) – approx. 4 hours. Camping. Today we have time to enjoy the view of Transfagarasan Highway as know as "the Road to the Sky", "the Road to the Clouds", "the Best Driving Road in the World" and even "A spectacular Monument to Earth-Moving Megalomania" and to do a short hike (approx. 1 hour) on the Vanatoarea lui Buteanu Peak (2507 m).

Day 5:
Caltun Lake (2135 m) – Strunga Doamnei (2342 m) – Negoiu Peak (2538 m) – Cleopatra Saddle (2355 m) – Serbota Peak (2331 m) – Scara Saddle (2146 m) – Scara Peak (2306 m) – Avrig Lake (2007 m) – approx. 8 hours. Camping.
From Negoiu Peak (which offers us a magnificent view in all directions), the second peak of Romania, after Moldoveanu we descend to the north-west and after we pass the peak Negoiu Mic (2485 m), we reach Cleopatra Saddle - Saua Cleopatrei (2355 m). Between Saua Cleopatrei and the peak Serbota (2311 m) there is the most difficult marked section of the main ridge of the Fagaras Mountains, Custura Saratii; this section is recommended only to experienced tourists. The guide decides if we follow this route or a secondary one, not so exposed!

Day 6:
Avrig Lake (2007 m) – Portita Avrigului (2178 m) – Suru Saddle (2133 m) – Suru Mountain Hut (1450 m) – Sebesu de Sus village – approx. 6 hours. Transfer to Brasov (approx. 2 hours).

Did you know?

It is said that the name "Fagaras" is coming from the word "fagar", an old word which represents a large old beech forest.

In ancient times, the bottom part of the Fagaras Mounatins were covered with Oak forest. Now remains "Dumbrava Vadului", where, among the oak trees, we have daffodils (Narcissus stellaris), locally known as coprine.

In Fagaras Mountains there is "Mioarelor" galcial lake (2282 m), the highest glacial lake in the Carpathian mountains.

In Fagaras Mountains there are 8 of the 14 peaks of the Carpathian mountains that reach the altitude of 2500 m: Moldoveanu (2544 m), Negoiu (2535 m), Coltul Vistei Mari (2527 m), Lespezi (2522 m), Cornu Caltunului (2510 m), Vanatoarea lui Buteanu (2507 m), Hartopu (2506 m) and Dara (2500 m). Here there are over 42 peaks with altitude between 2400 and 2500 m.

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