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Wildlife Watching in the Carpathians forests, see the wildlife in forest from Transylvania, bears waching in the wild

Wildlife watching in Romania is both an art and an adventure.

It’s an art because it requires creativity, enthusiasm, love for all living things and a lot of patience. Wildlife watching allows you to go places you would never go to for practical reasons, but because it is awe-inspiring and brings home good memories.

Successful wildlife watching is also an adventure, because it exists in the chaotic and unpredictable world of nature it often come unexpected. A rewarding adventure allows you to understand the natural world and it’s inhabitants, and to learn new things that you can use in your everyday life.

Brown Bear Watching in the Wild

We offer you the opportunity to see and admire the brown bears in their own habitat from a specially designed observation hide in the Transylvanian forest.

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Piatra Craiului National Park photo hunting tour - 1 day

1 day of photo hunting tour - bears, wolfes, chamois, landscapes. We can not guarantee that we will see animals, but we can guarantee beautiful landscapes.

Brown Bear Watching Short Break

A 4 day trip with departure from Bucharest or Brasov focused on bear watching in the wild, with a local English speaking bear researcher.

Countryside Photo Tour, Traditional Workshops and Bears Watching Romania

We combine trekking with photo tour. You will watch bears from an observation point, see deer, boars and maybe chamois.

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