The Stubborn Needle

  • The Stubborn Needle

One upon a time, as the Turks invaded once again Ţara Bârsei, they also devastated Sânpetru village. But the inhabitants, indwelling the little houses located in the church’s courtyard, were defending from there their last belongings, their freedom and their lives. But the defenders ended their ammunition; noticing that, the Turks came closer and closer, preparing their weapons for the last attack. They even brought the long ladders to climb the walls. The Pasha was sitting on a bench, nearby the church’s citadel, giving orders about how they could more easily conquer the stronghold.

The German locals under siege were seeing all this arrangements with growing fear but they were unable to defend themselves as they finished all the bullets. A woman took then the biggest silver needle she was wearing on the kerchief wrapping her head and strainedly put it in a matchlock. She aimed the pasha sitting quietly on the bench and fortunately hit him. The pasha felt dead and the Turks run away carrying the body of their dead chieftain.