Prince Vlad the Impaler in Tara Barsei

  • Prince Vlad the Impaler in Tara Barsei

At Brasov

In 1456, Vlad the Impaler, the Prince of the Valacchia, ravaged savagely the Old Brasov and Tara Barsei. He ordered the burning of all the harvests and gathered all the prisoners. He settled his camp on Saint Jacob Chapel, on The Stronghold Hill. At his order, the entire ecclesiastic array, all the ornaments and the jewels of Saint Bartholomew Church was stolen and the church was burnt down.

The next morning he ordered the impalement of all the prisoners – young and old men – on the hill near the chapel. They first stuck in the ground many pales, edged in the upper part. Then the enemies were impaled and died in terrible pain while the prince was having dinner between the pales.

Many people from Tara Barsei were taken prisoners and relocated at he Danube strands, in Braila. About 600 inhabitants were separated from their families and impaled in the same inhuman manner.

At Bod

In the manuscripts describing the abominable deeds of Prince Vlad the Impaler found in Lambach (in Upper Austria) it is written that: „In 1456, he ordered the burning of Bod from Tara Barsei, along with its inhabitants, men, women, children, of all ages. He put those who did not burn in chains and took them with him in Valacchia, where he impaled them all”.

And below it goes that: „The young boys and others, from different countries, sent in Valacchia to learn the language and the customs had to answer the voivode’s questions. All those who didn’t know the answers were gathered in a room and set on fire. They were about 400.

In front of Codlea

In 1456, the Prince  Vlad the Impaler ordered one of his captains: <<„A big village called Codlea must be burnt”. But the captain couldn’t burn it because of the resistance of the peasants. He came then to his lord and said: „Milord, I couldn’t burn the village, as you ordered me.” Then the prince ordered to be impaled. >> (From the manuscript found in Lambach)