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Backpacking Romania - Circling the Piatra Craiului National Park

A trekking tour to remember! We started on a sunny day - Saturday - but windy and warm! A perfect day for pictures. Snow: quite a lot, especially on the last day when we went on the other side of National Park, north side - practically we were swimming into the snow at some point, nearby "Umerii Pietrei Craiului"!

We walked through authentic mountain villages at the bottom of Piatra Craiului National Park - Magura, Pestera, Sirnea, Ciocanu, Dambovicioara - with a short stop for a bean soup and a glass of hot red wine at the oldest guesthouse in the National Park - Casa Folea!

We spent first night at a guesthouse in Sirnea - the first touristic village in Romania!

Second night - at the former hunting house on Ivan's Valley. Before that we made a stop at a very nice guesthouse on Dambovita valley for a traditional Romanian lunch: meet balls soup, "sarmale" with polenta and of course hot red wine!

Monday, the last day of the trekking tour, was the hardest! At some point we decided to climb from Tamasel ridge to the bottom of the rocky part of the National Park named "Umerii Pietrei Craiului" (we noticed that was no snow on that part). But we had a big surprise: a lot of snow on the way! Practically at some point we walk on "4 wheels". This is adventure, the real one!

We ended the tour at Plaiul Foii chalet.

Finally, a perfect trekking tour! Thank you my friends, Pichiu, Ovidiu and Bogdan, for joining me on this adventure!

Enjoy the pictures from the trekking tour!

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