Testimonials 2013

  • Testimonials 2013

“Good team”

Reviewed January 11, 2013


"I took a three day tour featuring Sibiu, Sinaia and fortified churches. Marian was a great guide. He is punctual, flexible and also a very interesting person to talk to. I'd recommend ACTIVE TRAVEL to anyone who wants to explore Transylvania."

Olga P., St. Petersburg, Russia, 2/4 January 2013



"It  was a  real  pleasure to be with you and to be guided by you. I recommend to visit Romania side by side with MARIUS. THANK  YOU!"


Hava and Ronen, Israel, January 13, 2013
Brasov - Rhein Azuga Cellar 1892 - Sinaia



“Great support of our vacation!”

5 of 5 starsReviewed May 22, 2013

"We visited ActiveTravel in May 2013. Me and my girlfriend rented two bikes for a week (3 to 7 May) - to ride from Brasov to Rasnov, Bran, Sinaia - on mountain roads. The mass of impressions - the most positive! Many thanks to the staff - for friendliness, providing helmets, bike-locks and tools - we changed the standard pedals on their own, "contact-pedals". Thank you very much for the service, bicycles passed all the tests! :-) Best recomendations for our friends."





Kondratiev Maxim, Russia, May 2013
Rent a bike services

"Traveling helps you appreciate life and other cultures. My opinion of Romania and Romanian people has dramatically changed. I would say I feel a different person after this trip. I could kick myself for not taking a good camera - how stupid am I. Thanks to Active Travel Day Tours who made the whole thing possible. Thank you for sharing this experience which has made such a big impression on me."

Mark A Evenden, UK, 2/9 June, 2013
Transylvania Trekking Tour & Bears Watching - 7 days

“Great hiking experience!”
Reviewed June 19, 2013

"I arrived in Romania expecting to find other travelers to hike with, after realizing this was not as easy as expected, I contacted Marian at active travel; he organized a trip, exactly the experience I was hoping for- on short notice.


I was traveling alone, so it was just Marian and I for the trip. He was extremely informative and answered all questions I could think of during our time together. He also communicated all my requests to the cabana staff so my stay was absolutely stress free.


I was hesitant about hiring a guide initially, but in retrospect am so grateful I did as I would not have been able to plan perfectly challenging (but not absolutely exhausting) circuits on my own.

I highly recommend a guide from active travel for a one day or multi day hike in order to ensure you have the best experience possible hiking in Romania."

Kandice M. , Canada, 15/17 June 2013
Active trekking tour in National Park Piatra Craiului - 2 days

“Excellent guides for day tours in Romania”

5 of 5 stars Reviewed August 1, 2013


"We had one day tour with Cristian and one with Marian, and they were both great fun. Both guides are very knowledgable and very nice to be with.
Even before we travelled they helped us a lot through email. We sent Marian many questions when preparing the trip and he was always very responsive and helpful.
He also helped us with booking a hotel and with communication and translation where needed.
The day tours with them were also very flexible, adjusting themselves according to our needs (we were travelling with kids and a baby).
Cristian has vast knowledge of the history and geography of the area, and he is also especially great with kids!

All in all, travelling with Active Travel is highly recommended!"

Raviv N. , Israel, 26/27 July 2013

"Hi Marian
We are about to leave Europe following our14 days in your great country.
Our time spent with Bogdan was excellent. His all round knowledge of all aspects of Romania were first class as was his interest in all worldly matters.
The Botiza 3 night stay was  a highlight that we thoroughly enjoyed as were the places selected for our day trips with so much history.
One aspect that we consider Colin, yourself and the Association of National Travel Guides require to put to the relevant authorities is the drivers of vehicles who throughout our time in Romania overtake in blind spots where if a vehicle is coming the other way an accident is inevitable. We experienced time after time this occured and for Bogdan it is a real concern to drive 2000km with this dangerous overtaking happening.
The road over the pass between the Maramures and Moldavita is the sort of road conditions that tourists do not wish to ever encounter and although a very small percentage of our entire travels are unfortunately what travellers recall. The potholes were like minefields and swimming pools and took Bogdan all his time to try to avoid . Far too hard on his vehicle and the same for all travelling this way. As a major northern link road for tourists the National Association require to push for this road to be upgraded.
The itinerary and accommodation overall was very good with just the last one and a half days not having the uniqueness of the remainder of the tour.
Thank you Marian and also please thank Ioan for Day One as he too was very very adaptable to he  unexpected journey that day instead of painting at home!!! His knowledge and relaxed manner made for a good day.
We have thanked Bogdan but will appreciate you also passing our sincere thanks to him. A wonderful person that besides all that knowledge he has time for the lighter side of life and humour which we all mutually enjoyed during our time together.

Michael and Patricia, New Zeeland, 22 - 30 of July 2013
Maramures and Bucovina tour


“You can never go wrong with Active Travel Day Tours!”
Reviewed August 25, 2013

I highly recommend Active Travel for those who want to explore Transylvania (and Romania). Marian was very professional, always prompt and responsive in all my pre-travel e-mails and inquiries. He makes sure that the day tours complement with my interests and my budget. The guide I was travelling with, Cristian, is highly commendable! He works with a personal approach, always on the watch of my travel interests and knows how to make the visit extra special by sharing first-hand, local information about places, sights, activities and food!

Before traveling, Marian informed me how I will love Casa Folea in Pestera that I already had elevated expectations of the place way ahead. And how my expectations were highly exceeded! When I think of my Romania visit, I can’t help but first remember this beautiful place! The day tour hikes to the mountains, rolling hills and sheep farm, and seeing locals in their daily routine was an amazing, blissful experience I will never forget.

Marian, Cristian and the Active Travel Day Tours team know exactly what you are looking for in your travel. You can never go wrong with them!

Cheers from Dubai!"

Alfie Pata, Philippines, 7 - 14 of August 2013
Transylvania private tour

“Memorable holiday in Romania”


5 of 5 stars Reviewed September 4, 2013



"When I was planning a trip to Romania for a friend and myself, I contacted several agencies. Marian from Active Travel responded immediately and worked with me on a seven day customized hiking trip in the Bucegi Mts, Fagaras Mts and Piatra Craiului National Park. I must have driven him crazy with all my ideas, but the trip he finally came up with for us was nothing short of amazing.Beautiful scenery every day and lots of wildflowers plus a climb of the highest and third highest peaks in Romania.Cristian was our guide.He was knowledgable, friendly and always willing to help.The accommodations were good,the food great and plentiful.Cristian was also my guide for an additional day hike in the Piatra Craiului National Park.
I took a day tour with Marian to see the fortified churches in Prejmer and Harman. This is an absolute must-see. Marian was very flexible and included a visit Rasnov and Poiana Brasov in the same trip. He is also very knowledgable, friendly and entertaining.
I joined a small group of travelers on a day trip to Sibiu, Sighisoara and Viscri. This makes for a long day, but is definitely worth it. Cristian was our guide and he knows more about the history of these places than you ever imagined.
When I told Marian that I wanted to visit Peles and Pelisor Castle in Sinaia, instead of making an extra trip, he worked it into the airport transfer to Bucharest. The driver stopped in Sinaia and I had plenty of time to visit the castles. So even if a trip is not listed, talk to him and he most likely can accommodate you. Marian also helped my friend Jason with transfers and hotels.
All in all, I can definitely recommend Active Travel as an agency and Marian and Cristian as guides."




Rita Ospelt, USA, Visited July 2013

“Can't go wrong with Active Travel Day Tours in Brasov”

5 of 5 stars Reviewed September 10, 2013


"First, I must say that Marian is a pleasure to deal with. Scheduled a day hike in the mountains the day before, later that day he promptly informed me that his intended guide for me would be taking others on a different trip and offered for me to go with them or to do my original hike with him. I chose to do the day hike with Marian and I am VERY glad I did. Marian is a good man and his English is very good with only a mild accent. I was not in as good shape as I would like, but Marian was patient and understanding, and he didn't seem to mind when I may have talked a bit excessively. Had a great time seeing and hearing about the Carpathian Mountains and Romania in general. Thank you ever so much, Marian.

The next day I showed up for one of the city tours with another of Active Travel Day Tours' guides, Bogdan. We went to the fortresses in Bran and Rasnov. Bogdan has an impressive resume, and he can recite the history of Romania along with his knowledge of local sites. Thank you, Bogdan.

Both of my experiences with Active Travel Day Tours were exceptional. Their tour and hiking itineraries are quite flexible and can accommodate most, if not all, of any one's wants or needs. They are eager to give you your moneys worth. I very highly recommend you contact them if you ever go to Romania. You won't be disappointed"

Ben Ford, USA, Visited September 2013




“Amazing Romanian Hiking”

5 of 5 stars Reviewed October 29, 2013


"Our customized hiking trip with Marian was the absolute highlight of all my European travels so far. He was extremely organized, enthusiastic, and truly interested in creating the best possible experience for us. He was a patient and entertaining guide and even though the trails are well-marked, his advice on routes and tour through local villages changed our plans for the better. I would definitely get in touch with him for future trips and most highly recommend him to any friends who plan to visit Romania!"



Emily, UK, Visited August 2013
Active trekking tour in National Park Piatra Craiului - 2 days


“A fact: you will fall in love with Romania.”
Reviewed December 9, 2013

"Our two days tour with Marian was absolute amazing. I could not stop saying aaaawesome! It was for sure one of the highlights of my 8 months trip. We were with a toddler and he was truly interested in creating exciting experiences for us, but respecting the limits of our daughter. He was friendly, enthusiastic, and knowledgable. On the first day, we went to 7 Ladders canyon and I must say he was a true hero (nope, no exaggeration here), saving us countless times from rolling downhills because of the slippery snow. During the evening, he took us to sleep in a cute pension, with a great view of the mountains, lovely owners and a delicious eco-food. On the second day, faced an immense amount of snow with us during the tour of the three castles (Bran Castle, Peles and Pelisor) always telling very interesting stories about the place. We enjoyed every minute. I will definitely get in touch with him for future trips (sure I will return to Romania soon) and most highly recommend him to any friends who plan to visit this surprising country!"

Camila, Icar & little princess, Brazil, Visited December 2013
Active trekking tour in Piatra Mare Massif, including the "7 Ladders" canyon / Bran - Sinaia