Testimonials 2009

  • Testimonials 2009

"Good bike, friendly staff! It was a pleasure to work with you!"

Janne Piepponen, Finland, May 2009
Rent a bike

 "Our guide - very enthusiastic & friendly." 

Thorne Shivangee, USA, May 30, 2009
Fortified Saxon Churches tour

 "Hike was very good. Marian - our mountain guide - very safety conscious. Enjoyed trek. Everything very well organized. Very beautiful office, well managed and the staff at the desk very helpful; info very easy to find!" 

Maria McNulty & Laura Byrne, Ireland, June 3, 2009
Trip on the Piatra Mare Massif, to the "7 Ladders" canyon

 "Very knowledgeable guide." 

Henry Scherzer, USA, June 3, 2009
Tour: Brasov - Rasnov - Bran - Sinaia

 "Good bikes for mountain roads. I was very satisfied." 

Prass Edgar, Estonia, June 9, 2009

 "Sympathic guides - Cosmin&Marian. Good explanations, nice country-side. Unfortunately: no volves&bears." 

Huber Anita & Muller Andre, Switzerland, June 12, 2009
Photo hunting tour - Piatra Craiului National Park

 "A very enjoyable day, thank you Marian!"

James Andrews, UK, June 13, 2009
Piatra Craiului National Park trekking tour

 "Very informative and personal tour."

Abbott Meredith Liza, Australia, June 26, 2009
Brasov Walking Tour

 "We always felt very safe and enjoyed the biking route the whole time. Very well organized!
Wir werden viel Werbung in Munchen machen!!!" 

Gabi&Gerhard Dorfmeister, Germany, July 3-6, 2009
Active mountainbike tour in Piatra Craiului National Park & Baiului Mountains

 "Excellent. The guide was good. He told us - a group of 6 people - a lot about the history of Romania. Very interesting. Nice to meet you!"

Viksten Pekka Sakari, Finland, July 3, 2009
Tour: Bran Castle

 "Good trekking tour with beautiful landscape; good mountainguide - Marian.
Hij hieldrekening met wat we aankonden. Het was zeker de moeite we hebben er allemaal van genoten!"

Bram Stessel&Elhi Bresseleers & the group (total 13), Belgium, July 23-24, 2009
Active trekking tour in Piatra Craiului National Park

 "Eine sehr interessante Fuhrung in das Naturschutzgebiet mit vielen Informationen uber die Tier, Pflanzen und Naturlandschaft, einschliesslich geschichtlicher Hintergrunden. Vielen Dank Alina!"

Familie Burzlaff, Germany, July 23, 2009
Active trekking tour in Piatra Craiului National Park

 "Pendant duex jours, la visite de Brasov, le chateau de Bran et de Campulung, ont ete magnifiques. Explication simples, clairs et precises. Tres chaleureuses dans le contact. Attentive a nos desirs de recherches. Ouvertes aux questions de toutes sortes sur son pays. Merci beaucoup."

Francine Zufferey, France, July 26-27, 2009
Tour to Bran Castle&Campulung

 "Visite guidee de Brasov tres interesante, explication bien detailles dans un tres bon francais. Nous avons par la meme ocasion pu avoir des ouverts sur l'historie et la culture roumaine dans sa diversite".

Ghislaine, France, July 28, 2009
Brasov Walking Tour

 "Great to get taken to see more about Romanian countryside."

Craig Stuart, Vicky Smith, UK, August 4, 2009
Tour: Brasov - Rasnov - Bran - Sinaia

 "The guide - Helping, polite, patient."

Anna Koutli, Greece, August 5, 2009
Tour: Brasov - Rasnov - Bran - Sinaia

Pradais Ciprian: "Tura este foarte buna. Ghidul - Cristi - de nota 10."
Alex&Mariana/Mihaela&Dan Dobre: "Ghidul - Cristi - a fost bine pregatit si a fost alaturi de noi la nevoie - un adevarat profesionist. Serviciile de cazare si masa au fost bune."
Camus&Rainsard: " We apreciated the quality of the trekking tour, landscape, the accommodation, quality of the guide - Cristi."

Grup 7 persoane, Romania&Franta, August 1-7, 2009
Active trekking tour Bucegi & Fagaras Mountains

 "Seeing a traditional sheep farm&farmers it was quite an experience. Easy trekking tour&beautiful forest (a pesar de la lluvia!). English communication was very good. Thank you Marian!"

Maria Pia Hidalgo, Sonia Perrino, Arantxa Gomez, Spain, August 7, 2009
Piatra Craiului National Park: visit to an authentic sheep farm


"I liked everything! I was surprised by Peles Castle in Sinaia."

Werling Yves, France, August 8, 2009
Tour: Brasov - Rasnov - Bran - Sinaia

 "Helpful and friendly staff! Thank you!"

Tom Leenders, The Netherlands, August 10, 2009
Rent a bike

 "Sehr schoene Tour - abwechslungsreich. Kompetente and sehr nette Fuhrung. Sehr empfehlenswert. Thank you Marian!"

Stefanie Grone & Jorg Willig, Germany, August 11&13, 2009
Active trekking tour in Piatra Craiului National Park
Active trekking tour in Piatra Mare Massif, including the "7 Ladders" canyon

"The tour was well organised and the guide was knowledgeable and spoke good English. The lunch was tasty and sufficient. We were pleased with the services provided on the whole tour."

Denis Tregubov - tour leader of a group of 16 British tourists, August 18, 2009
Tour: Brasov - Rasnov - Bran - Sinaia

 "I am satisfied - a very good bike! Friendly staff."

Alesandro Sanchez, Spain, August 19, 2009
Rent a bike - route: Brasov - Bran - Fundata - Poiana Brasov

 "Very good bike & very interesting route. The most beautifull churche: in Prejmer."

Haltman Frank, Germany, August 24, 2009
Fortified churches biking tour - 1 day

 "We were very impressed about the nature and the forests around Brasov and Bran. You have a great history. Romania is an European country, for sure."

William Ernest Anelli, USA, August 24, 2009
Tour: Brasov - Rasnov - Bran - Sinaia

 "Excellent route - it was ideal and it was good to know about the weather; good time trekking. Good humour from guide. Thank you Marian!

Alice Moss & James Cheaveu, UK, August 30, 2009
Active trekking tour in Piatra Mare Massif, including the "7 Ladders" canyon

"Very knowledgeable & friendly tour guide - Alina. Excellent english; fair paced, not rushed."

Mark Hu, Larry Hu, Ecaterina, Lynn, USA, September 2, 2009
Tour: Brasov - Rasnov - Bran - Sinaia

 "Very enjoyable & informative day. Our guide - Alina - a very knowledgeable guide and very friendly."

Nicolas Smithers & Trudy Butler, Scotland, September 15, 2009
Trip on the Piatra Mare Massif, to the "7 Ladders" canyon

 "Excellent guide: very knowledgeable - good english; excellent driver and vehicle. We enjoy our day and trip."

James & Ursula Watt, Canada, September 22, 2009
Tour: Brasov - Rasnov - Bran - Sinaia

 "The guide introduced us to the interesting history of Romania and guided us the the Bran and Peles Castles - he did a great job!"

Cooper Cameron Morley, UK, October 7, 2009
Tour: Brasov - Rasnov - Bran - Sinaia

 "You made my plans and my dreams come true. I came for Halloween to stay only for two days but the people from Active Travel gave me the chance to rent a bike even in the weekend and someone pick it up on Sunday even though the agency was not officially open. I was treated with lots of smiles and kindness and an appetite for assistance. I will never forget their kindness because it made my stay even more magical. Thank you Active Travel!"

Anna Vyssiou, Greece, October 31, 2009
Rent a bike - route: Brasov - Rasnov - Bran

"Absolutely great guide - Cristi! It is obvious you love nature - very important! You really tried to help us find bears. We saw so many beautiful places that really make us to come back again. Highlight of our trip around Europe!"

Natalie Lough & Ciaran Connolly, Ireland, November 22, 2009
Photo hunting tour - Piatra Craiului National Park

"Very good service, information, punctuallity, friendliness. Thank you!"

Thedoropoulos Agrippa, Greece, December 4, 2009
Tour: Brasov - Rasnov - Bran - Sinaia

"Very good day - liked being able to adjust parts of the day to suit us - less time in some places, more time in others. Very knowledgeable guide. She gave us all the information about the places we visited and suggested the extra option of a visit to a local winery. Thank you Claudia!

Julie Turner & Richard Impey, UK, December 8, 2009
Tour: Brasov - Rasnov - Bran - Sinaia